Made to Measure Memory Kits

The use of familiar objects to aid reminiscence has long been seen as a tool for communicating with people who have lost the ability to remember recent events but are still able to recall events from their distant past.

Life Goes On Learning creates memory kits for people living with dementia. Every kit contains six carefully selected original sensory objects that aim to evoke memory through sight, smell and touch, a beautiful illustrated book, a pack of printed material including photographs, cards and leaflets and a ‘Conversation Starter Handbook’  that gives the carer all the information and prompts they may need to get the conversation started. The prompts are not prescriptive and there is no right or wrong way to use them. They are there as a guide and to give confidence to care staff or family members as they share the contents of the kits.

The themes are chosen to appeal to a generation who lived through the 1940s, 50s and 60s and to reflect their home and working lives, interests and hobbies.

The kits can be commissioned to order by care homes, families, carers groups and memory services and can be tailored to meet the needs of different groups and individuals. They can also be used by other health care services who wish to provide a prompt to start difficult conversations with clients.

The kits can be sponsored by individuals or businesses and donated to care homes and memory services as a gift or in memory of a loved one.

A ‘Made to Measure Memory Kit’ costs £250 + delivery and is packed in a secure travelling case.

A set of six kits specially designed to support ‘My Life Story’ work are available for purchase and include the themes:

Childhood, School Days, World of Work, Holidays, Hobbies for Men, Hobbies for Women

Exploring the memory kits together can help care staff, volunteers and families to communicate with residents and loved family members, sharing long forgotten memories and opening opportunities for conversation and meaningful moments of contact.